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Posted : January 17th 2023

Written by: Russell Cassevah

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   This, like most of Hank’s videos, is thought-provoking and engages his community to think for themselves. It reminds people that just because something is online doesn’t make it accurate. Do your research and be willing to take the journey of self-education on matters that mean something to you. I have found that when I give in to that journey, I often find myself learning things I didn’t plan on and developing new ideas of my own. True creativity takes emersion. If you spend the extra 10 minutes following the narrative, you will better understand not just the point of the article but also the reasoning behind the point.

   For instance, there are two fundamental reasons I am writing this article. First is to say thank you to Hank and John Green. You two don’t know this, but I was working the Canon Booth at VidCon in 2019, right after I broke my second world record. It was at this event that I realized that if I wanted LittleBricks Charity to succeed, I had to move away from traditional outreach methods and go to social media. The sense of community that is present is so astounding! I was also introduced to TikTok at that event. And though it took me more than a year to implement my move to social media, VidCon was what planted that seed. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The second reason is to give you, the reader, an opportunity to thoroughly read this article and see why I do what I do and whom I do it for. Take four more minutes and join me on this journey.

   My name is Russell Cassevah. I am a 3X Guinness World Record holder for walking across LEGO Bricks Barefoot. The second time I broke the world record, I found my purpose in life. I quit my job, cashed out my retirement, and started LittleBricks Charity. I have dedicated my life to Building Better Mental Health for children that genuinely deserve to smile. I do this by fundraising through social media and using those funds to deliver LEGO Sets and Build Experiences to Children’s Hospitals nationwide.





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   To date, we have helped over 7,500 kids and delivered more than $130,000 worth of LEGO and Build Experiences to 30 Children’s hospitals. We have helped kids like Kaspian. This amazing young man is only five years old. He has been through 2 open-heart surgeries and over 40 heart procedures. I met Kaspian through TikTok.

Instantly I became friends with him and his family. “The nurses really notice a difference. When he has the LEGO, he’s just happy.” Says January, Kaspian’s Mom. I got a chance during our 2021 hospital tour to meet January and Kaspian. It was the highlight of my trip. Kaspian was full of energy and so rambunctious. Though smaller than most five-year-olds, I bet Kaspian could have run circles around any other kid that day. It is interactions like this that remind me why we do this.These LEGO Sets are more than just a toy. They are a sense of control in an uncontrollable situation. They provide escape from the hospital bed and allow children to be whomever or whatever their imagination can come up with. LEGO Sets also can be used by Child life specialists as

rehabilitation and communication tools. They are the most requested item in children’s hospitals and the most versatile.

 Here at LittleBricks Charity, we have set forth on a fundraising cycle to help build the mental health of 75,000 hospitalized kids. By delivering LEGO Sets and Build Experiences to EVERY Children’s Hospital in the nation. We are fundraising a mere $2.5 million to leave a massive impact on our pediatric health care system and the amazing children the serve.

Now you would have never found out about Kaspian, the world records, the benefits of LEGO, or how The Green Brothers were the catalyst for all of this. Congratulations on completing the journey. If you want to help a hospitalized child click any of the links below. I hope you have an EPIC 2023 thinking for yourself.



I want to start this story out by saying this is being written to prove a point and to see if you have what it takes to make it through an entire article. This story starts with an inspiring TikTok Video and ends with a purpose fulfilled.  On January 16th 2023 Hank Green posted this video to his TikTok Account:


Donations Over $10,000 may be sent via wire transfer or check.

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