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2023 Hospital Tour

Every month we travel to a new city. This gives us a chance to get to meet all of you, fundraise, and deliver LEGO Sets and Build Experiences to Children's Hospitals in your area. You can meet our president, Russell Cassevah  (@LittleBricksCharityGuy), at any of the BrickFest LIVE Events and be a part of the action!

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You and your family can become a part of the action! Help us Build BIG Smiles on Hospitalized kids in your local area. You can donate your time, help fundraise, and even help deliver LEGO Sets to your local children's Hospitals. 


0423 Hartford CT.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Hartford, CT

0423 - Yale New Haven Hospital.jpg

Delivering  To
Yale New Haven
Children's Hospita

0523 - Queens NY.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Queens, NY

0523 Hassenfeld Chidlren's Hospital.jpg

Delivering  To
Children's Hospital


0623 - Cleveland OH.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Cleveland, OH

0623 - Cleveland Clinic Children's Hosptial.jpg

Delivering  To
Cleveland Clinic
Children's Hospital

April 15-17

May 6-7

June 3 -4

0723 - Pasadena CA.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Pasadena, CA

0723 - Children's Hospital of LA.jpg

Delivering  To
Children's Hospital
of Los Angeles

0823 - Charlotte NC.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Charlotte, NC

0823 - Hemby Children's.jpg

Delivering  To
Children's Hospital


0923 - Minneapolis MN.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Minneapolis, MN

0923 - Children's Minnesota Hospital.jpg

Delivering  To

July 29-30

Aug 19-20

Sept 30-31

1023 - Oaks PA.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Oaks, PA

1023 - CHOP.jpg

Delivering  To
Children's Hospital
of Philadelphia

1123 - Denver CO.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Denver, CO

1123 - Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.jpeg

Delivering  To
Rocky Mountain
Hospital for Children

1223 - Birmingham Alabama.jpg

BrickFest LIVE
Birmingham, AL

1223 - Children's of Alabama.jpeg

Delivering  To
Children's of

Oct 14-15

Nov 18-19

Dec 16-17

Tourdates, hospitals, and Cities are Subject to Change. Ticket Sales DO NOT go to LittleBricks Charity. LEGO and the LEGO Logo are registered trademarks of The LEGO Group. The LEGO Group does not endorse nor sponsor LittleBricks Charity or BrickFest Live.

We are proud to partner with Brick Fest Live to bring 

LittleBricks Charity and our BrickWalk Challenge to you

all across the nation. Below you can buy tickets to upcoming shows we will be at, donate in advance,  orapply to be an ambassador. 

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