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New Logo Design

I am so excited to showcase our new Little Bricks Charity Logo. This logo is very special to us for so many reasons. This is the very first Adobe Illustrator Design I have done and I am so pleased with the final results.

I wanted something that was professional and playful at the same time. I decided on the Lego head design and originally I had it fully colored in and set perfectly straight. It was eye catching but lacked the playfulness I desired. After a few attempts I found that the colored in effect conveyed both the playful spirit and the fact that we plan to work closely with kids. You will notice the the coloring even goes outside the lines. With a slight twist of the head I knew I was close to something.

I knew that our charity needed to differentiate itself from Lego as much as I could. So I decided to make a great big smile, like a child on Christmas morning. Once that was perfected the motto "we build BIG smiles." just seemed natural.

I hope that you all enjoy this and I can't wait to produce more graphics for this awesome charity!

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